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Diamonds: So Much More Than A Birthstone

Diamonds: So Much More Than A Birthstone

Authored By William DePaula

April's Birthstone the Diamond

Yes, it might seem unfair to those of us not born in the month of April, but diamonds are April's Birthstone.  All you lucky April babies rejoice, you have the most "important" gemstone.  Let's go over some fun Facts about diamonds.

Baby you are 1 in a 1,000,000

Well if you were a diamond that would be true.  It takes over 1,000,00 parts of host rock to yield one part of diamond.  Yup, that's 1 in a million baby.  

Not just a little harder

Yeah, you might no that diamonds are the hardest substance on earth.  Did you know that it is actually 58 times harder than anything else on earth.  That hard stuff.

The Pure Life

A diamond consists of only one element, Carbon.  Talk about being pure!

Sorry My Calendar doesn't go back that far

Diamonds were formed a long long time ago.  Diamonds were formed under intense heat and pressure in earth's mantle over 1 billion years ago.  Yes that is billion with a "b".

The 4Cs are not a boy band

Sorry everyone who came here looking for the next big pop band.  The 4Cs are the characteristics we look at when we grade a diamond.  The 4C's are Cut, Carat Weight, Color and Clarity.  The 4C's were created by some smart people over at GIA.  That is the Gemological Institute of America.

Looking for something with diamonds?  Check out our site!  Lots of cool sparkly diamonds.


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