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Artist Spotlight: Kovel Jewelry

Artist Spotlight: Kovel Jewelry

Authored By Richard Perdomo

Artist Spotlight: Kovel Jewelry

At Depaula's, we have always grown with our friends, to the point where, if it's not a Depaula original, it's made by a local artisan, most of which are personal friends of our family. Today we're shining the spotlight on an amazing artist, and good friend of ours. Dr. Kovel.

Originally a dentist and tuna fisherman, Dr. Kovel has always had an eye for jewelry, and art. Influenced by his skills as a dentist, and the beauty of marine life and nature, He began making jewelry, Carving his own style into the breath taking shapes of nature. His attention to detail and experience in dentistry shines through in the precise inlay work he uses in his designs. Using the finest materials available, and a team of local craftsmen, he ensures the quality of every piece. 

A quote from Dr. Kovel:

"Kovel Collection is entirely designed and meticulously produced for you by me. My muse is the ocean realm and the greater natural world. With each new design I strive to raise awareness to show just how beautiful and wondrous our world is. We also acknowledge how fragile our world has become." -William Kovel

His work is amazing, the detail, love and effort put into each piece shines through as he intended. The use of colored man-made opal (not plastic) and colored pearl give his pieces a connection to nature that he feels is the ultimate message of his jewelry: to protect and preserve these moving, living works of art in nature. 

shop our collection of Kovel Wearable Art here: Kovel Jewelry | DePaula's



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