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The name is Japanese. The design is Scandanavian. The parts are Japanese. A single look at these watches makes it seem as if they were classic designs, yet the company started in 2007 and the designs are completely fresh. Nothing has come together this nicely since the invention of the Peanut Butter cup. These watches are excellent. It makes it's first impression as a classic, no nonsense luxury watch. The cases are thin and non-obtrusive, the faces are a sight to behold. All of the elements in place bring a real sense of balance. 


Every single piece that's passed through my hands affirms it. They're solid, the cases don't feel flimsy or tinny, the crown has a nice positive click! as you pull it out, and it feels sturdy. The action of the crown feels smooth, but not loose. The movement is Japanese Quartz, which many reliable watches utilize. Nothing on these watches feels or looks cheap, extraneous, or inexpensive. This is due to the extraordinary design, and the sourcing of quality parts. Just as the company tries to convey, it really is balanced, and simple.


This is the best part about the Obaku watch line. They're extremely reliable, tested thoroughly, and look like a luxury item worth thousands. The price range for these pieces are 100-300 USD. So you get a great, timeless timepiece with a good warranty, for less than the price of your mobile phone!

There's tons of varieties to look at, and each one of them won't disappoint. If you want to see them all visit our store in Islamorada or go over toObaku!


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