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 I grew up on Star Wars. My parents lived through the dawn of Star Wars. It was a big name and there was always a lot of talk about the world George Lucas created in my house growing up. This story seems to be true with millions of of other people. Star Wars was, and is, a big deal. Now, things like what i'm reviewing here aren't new. They've come and gone, collectible watches, wookie head pendants, and the like. Which is great, because you get to take your favorite characters home with you. But what if you wanted more? What if you wanted something that didn't just come from the movie, it came from that world itself? Well what if I told you, that such a thing existed? 

Star Wars Nixon The Unit tin

The Nixon "The Unit" Stormtrooper Edition Digital watch. It looks like it would be the standard issue watch for the fresh out of academy Storm Trooper. In other words, it looks like it came from that world itself. The details are stunning. The case is a page straight out of the Imperial handbook. The smooth, shiny white plastic against the matte black underside really make it seem like this watch was an integral part of the uniform. The display even has a charge meter straight from the plasma shooters the troopers use! It looks incredible, and all of the star wars inspired details hidden around the watch are incredible, but it's also not a watch that screams "look at me i'm obviously a star wars watch" because even with the Imperialistic design and goodies hidden everywhere, it's still a good looking, well functioning digital watch. 

Blaster is at full charge. 

Blaster is at full charge. 

So, let me level with you. Frankly, i was a tad dissapointed the moment i picked it up. I'm so used to my metal watches or heavy duty cases, that this in my hand felt like a toy. The straps were a little floppy, and it just felt light. I'm also not a huge fan of digitals and never really wear them, so I may be a little biased. However, I slapped this thing on my wrist, and it went from a toy, to an extremely comfortable, solid watch. I really like it. I even liked setting it, and the instructions, although roughly the same size and complex word count as the Declaration of Independence, were a breeze. After playing with it for a little bit, I saw that it was loaded with neat features too, a backlight, digital chronograph, a countdown timer, and an alarm! This thing isn't a toy at all. It's tough, and it's the real deal.

This is the watch you are looking for.

This is the watch you are looking for.

Overall, i was extremely impressed with the watch. It was simple to use, good looking (even if you dont like Star Wars) and it made me (who swears by analog) appreciate a digital. It's a great watch, It's a great piece of the Star Wars universe, and it's way better than a Storm Troopers's aim. The Nixon "The Unit" Storm Trooper edition is on sale now on our website! Or you can come on down to our Islamorada or Tavernier locations and see them for yourselves!


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