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New Disney Movie, New Jewelry Line, All Maui Inspired

New Disney Movie, New Jewelry Line, All Maui Inspired

Authored By DePaula Jewelers

New Disney Movie, New Jewelry Line, All Maui Inspired

A new Disney film starring a Hawaiian Disney Princess is coming out November of next month, and us being huge Disney fans, are excited! We love the Hawaiian culture, and seeing as how this movie seems to be explaining the Genesis of Hawaii, as well as the islands being the subject of some of our jewelry and artworks, we thought It'd be fun to share some of our knowledge on the mythos of this popular vacation destination.


We have made and still make Hawaiian hooks every once in a while, and we love them! The story is what makes these hooks so cool. He's also a main character in the movie! Maui was the son of 'Akalana and his wife, Hinakawea, and they bore four children. Maui, with his great hook, called "Manaiakalani" and baited with the wing of his mother's pet bird "'alae" tricks his brothers to take him fishing with them. He exclaims that he's caught a big fish, and urges his brothers to paddle as hard as they can, being intent in their effort, they don't look back and paddle on. Little did they know, Maui hadn't hooked a fish, but the ocean floor itself. With the strength of his brothers, he pulled the islands out of the ocean, repeating the trick for each island.
hawaiian hook moana
An original painting by our very own, William Depaula.


He pulled the islands from the sea with his hook, It's no wonder so many things carry the demigod's namesake. From this movie, to books, to even jewelry! It seems like Hawaii is starting to infect the states with it's natural, quirky beauty. We're proud to be working with a new line inspired by Hawaii and Maui called Maui Divers to bring you all of the beauty and richness of the islands and lore encompassed by their jewelry. Perfect for the wife of a demigod.
maui divers jewelry
Maui Diver's Pearls, fit for a queen.
If that's not cool enough to get you excited for this movie, maybe the confirmation that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is going to be in it will get you going! Please check out Maui Diver's jewelry here or on their site!


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