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The Classical Designs of Jewelry Designer Charriol

The Classical Designs of Jewelry Designer Charriol

Authored By DePaula Jewelers

House of Charriol the Swiss Jewelry Design

Charriol is a global prestige brand of luxury timepieces, fine jewelry and accessories including fragrance, sunglasses and leather goods based in Geneva, Switzerland. Charriol designs and crafts a broad range of products, designed to nurture the whole brand and facilitate access to the Maison by a wide customer base. Charriol is and remains a family-run business. Bringing fresh ideas and artistic inspirations to the executive team, comprising founder Philippe’s daughter and son, are determined to lead the luxury brand to greater success.

Phillipe Charriol

Philippe Charriol left his position as executive director of a prestigious watch and jewelry company to found his own company in 1983. Ambitious, self-confident, provocative by nature and a connoisseur of fine arts and motor racing, this Marseille-born entrepreneur was well acquainted with the luxury world and consumer expectations.

He was also aware of the remarkable knowledge of prestige brands among younger generations, particularly in Asia, and of their immense respect for fine objects crafted with traditional skills.  Armed with this information, Philippe was able to anticipate the extraordinary upsurge witnessed in these markets by all players in the luxury sector, a segment in which Charriol was now firmly established.

Inspired by his deep interest in history, architecture and the arts, Philippe created the Philippe Charriol Foundation in Asia, a registered charitable organization dedicated to promoting contemporary art by providing young Asian artists a platform for their work.

The Iconic Cable Bracelet

Charriol became an icon with his design of a cable bracelet.  A thirst for knowledge, culture and history gave rise to the unique cable twist motif inspired by ancient Celtic art and which is now synonymous with CHARRIOL style. These bracelets are freely inspired by the Celtic “torque” adornments and composed of cables, Its twists and turns define an exclusive style.

Proud to Have Charriol in our Family

At DePaulas we are into innovative jewelry companies and designers who think differently.  The iconic Charriol cable bracelet is one of those pieces that does just that.  It takes a traditional design and makes them modern.  The bracelets look good in the city, country or on the water.




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