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Charriol St. Tropez Review

Charriol St. Tropez Review

Authored By DePaula Jewelers

Charriol St. Tropez Review

Inspired by the chic French town of the same name, the St-Tropez range of watches for women are delightfully feminine. In a round style and medium (30mm) size, these pretty timepieces feature a chain bracelet attached to the watch, adding a jewelry accent to the piece.


Introduction to Charriol

Charriol is a luxury brand that started in the eighties, by the once owner of Cartier. They adapted a consistent design direction early on, using a celtic ornamental piece of jewelry called a "Turk" and a perfected braided steel technique that spearheaded the consistency that is the unique Charriol DNA. This watch is no different, with hints everywhere of the Charriol DNA interweaved into the design.

First Look

This watch screams luxury, from every detail, nook, and cranny. It's weighty, and feels excellent. The parts are premium, and so is the price this watch demands. 

The Brand/Quality

The brand has a definite pedigree, which makes it no surprise that this piece is well built. It's a fashion statement, but it's also a fully functional watch that will turn heads. No gaps in panels, no visual faults in workmanship, and the excellent design make this watch worth every penny. The fit and finish are impeccable, and it doesn't feel cumbersome, like some luxury watches. They offer a 2 year warranty that encompasses just about everything that can happen to your watch.



This watch is incredible. The attention to true detail, the excellent craftsmanship, the impeccable design, and the amazing pedigree and history make this piece a true Luxury item, perfect for any occasion. It's durable, and wearable from jeans to full on dress.

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