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The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Men

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Men

Authored By DePaula Jewelers

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Men


Buying Jewelry for Him

Buying jewelry for a man can be difficult and its important that you focus on what the person that you're buying for likes and what he will wear. Do not to get distracted by what you like. Remember, this is about him, not you, so choose something that he'll want to wear.

Jewelry is very personal and its fair to say that the majority of men are still pretty conservative when it comes to wearing jewelry. And while men's jewelry is definitely growing in popularity, if the man in your life doesn't already wear a ring, bracelet or necklace, then we advise that you tread carefully.

However, even for the most jewelry-averse man, there are still some really good options for Valentine's Day.  Watches are discreet and functional accessories that most men wear at least a few times every year for those formal occasions like weddings (Or all the time) depending upon his taste.


Watches: It's Time for The Perfect Gift

Most men nowadays sport some kind of time-piece on their wrist, whether it be a statement piece, or just a simple digital to keep time, and one can never have too many watches as they are more than just a time-teller, they're an accessory, a statement, an essential piece of an outfit. Here at Depaula's, we've curated a collection of fine watches for every man's taste, and every budget. Watches are an amazing gift for the man who doesn't wear much jewelry, or any man who likes to add a little extra touch to their ensemble. 

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Bracelets: Get him Hooked on You

Bracelets aren't a hugely popular item with men, but we've seen it many a time where someone who says they don't like bracelets ends up finding a bracelet they love. This is especially the case for pieces like our Custom Bracelets and Charriol bracelets. Stackable, reversible, and wearable with just about anything, get him hooked this Valentine's day. With our wide selection, you'll be able to find just about anything he'd love. 


Rings: an Eternal Symbol Of Love

The ring has no end and no beginning. Whether he's a salty fisherman, or just a man who enjoys any of the finer things, giving him a ring will symbolize your everlasting love for him. 

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Pendants: Always Popular

Pendants are our most popular selling piece of jewelry, mainly because of the huge variety we carry. From Treasure Coins to show them how much you Treasure them, to fishing hooks, traditional pieces, you name it! With a pendant, you really can't go wrong!

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The Verdict: Jewelry is Forever

Shopping for the man in your life can be difficult, most men seem to avert jewelry simply because they've just never been around it enough, and this list seems to be very vague, because that's the point. There's a whole world of jewelry that your man can wear, and even though it is Valentine's day, you don't have to restrict yourself to any shape, or specific piece. Get him something you know he'll love and wear. Jewelry is forever, and so is your love. 


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