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Treasure Coins a Cool Unique Gift That You Didn't Even Know Existed

Treasure Coins a Cool Unique Gift That You Didn't Even Know Existed

Authored By William DePaula

A Cool Gift you didn't even know Existed

We understand, some people are hard to shop for.  You go online and see tons of different blog posts listing what claim to be great guy gifts, but they are really the same.  They are electronics, tools and clothes, while those are great, they aren't really different and unique.  This is a list of cool gifts that you probably didn't even know existed.  A lot of people often stop by our shop and say, dang, I didn't know that you could even get that.  

A Treasure Coin

Yes, there is such a thing as a real treasure coin.  300 to 400 years ago there were ships sailing across the ocean, bringing treasure coins from the new world to Spain.  This is where the lore of pirates and treasure coins came from.  This isn't just a fantasy, but a real thing.  We work with a treasure diver Carl Fismer who finds the coins.  We then take the coins and make them into jewelry.  

Treasure Coins

The Motherload

Atocha is the most famous of all the Spanish shipwrecks.  Wrecking off of Key West in 1622.  The ship was found my the most famous Spanish Shipwreck salvor, Mel Fisher.  Because they are the most famous, the Atocha is like the designer brand of Treasure coins.

Atocha Coins

Beautifully Detailed

It is an amazing thing to hold a Spanish coin and wonder what life was like back in the days of pirates and the new world.  Some of the most detailed coins we have weren't found on a shipwreck, but on land or a salvage camp.  These coins were minted in the same places as shipwreck coins, but they often have beautiful detail and are a great value.

Spanish Land Find Coins

A Reasonable Shipwreck

Those coins are cool, but if you can't make a large purchase right now, there is this British Shipwreck.  The Admiral Gardner is not a Spanish shipwreck.  The Admiral Gardner is a British East India Company Shipwreck.  The coins that wrecked are made mostly of copper and are known as Cash.  These coins were going to pay workers in India but ended up wrecking right off the coast of England.  

Admiral Gardner Coins


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