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It's Alive!  The Seiko Monster SRPD27 and the SRPD25

It's Alive! The Seiko Monster SRPD27 and the SRPD25

Authored By William DePaula

4th Generation Monster: The SRPD27 & SRPD25

It looks like the monster is here to stay.  Seiko has been pushing the Turtle and Samurai dive watch, but this year they made sure to make a splash with the new monsters the SRPD27 and the SRPD25.  While the Seiko Turtle and Samurai have a huge following, the Seiko Monster has a much more polarizing crowd.  With the 4th Generation Monster, Seiko has tried to tame the monster, giving us a tighter looking watch.

What is a Monster?

Seiko has been devoted to making durable, price considerate dive watches for years.  It is one of the hallmarks of the company.  The first monster watches were created over a decade ago.  The design was more Spartan then decorative.  This was a highly functional tool watch.  While other watches worry about design, the monster worries about function.

Creating a Designer Monster

With this latest generation of monsters we have a great combination of previous models.  This new Seiko monster generation takes out some of the outlandish and has created a perhaps more functional but more design worthy watch.  I personally have never been crazy about the monster watches.  I like the 1st generation of the monster but the later generations ruined it for me.  The watch often has a put together or Frankenstein look to the watch.  

The SRPD27 and the SRPD25 sticks to the great things about the monsters over the various generations and mades a cohesive watch.  Gone are the shark tooth like markers and back is the day and date.  The look over all feels more like the fist generation but more polished.  The watch still has the scalloped bezel, but it is smother.  The markers are bright and easy to read with the trapezoid markers.  The SRPD27 and the SRPD25 are here and they are great.  



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