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Oris Works To Save Our Seas

Oris Works To Save Our Seas

Authored By William DePaula

Change for the Better

The world is a much smaller place then we all thought. We have consistently abused the planet with no concern for what will happen after us. Oris, a Swiss watch company, decided that we must do more. In recent years, Oris has become the change that we need to inspire us all, starting with our seas. Oris is partnering with several different associations to repair the damage we have done to the world's oceans. They have created watches that help fund the change. 

Baselworld 2017

This year at Baselworld, Oris went all out in showing everyone just how important the seas are to them. What use is a dive watch if there is nowhere to dive? The seas are what give this planet life. Oris is saving these seas by funding the tracking of sharks and the restoration of staghorn coral. These two projects are symbolized in two limited edition watches: the Oris Hammerhead Watch and the Oris Staghorn Restoration Watch.

The Hammerhead Limited Edition Watch

This very cool limited edition watch symbolizes the sharks it honors with a shark-gray face. The watch is styled as an Oris Aquis Dive Watch. The Aquis watch has an almost kettle bell-like shape. It is very clean and functional, like all Oris watches. The watch is limited to only 2,000 units. The money from the watch will pay for tracking devices that will be placed on sharks. This will help us learn more about these crucial top predators.

The Staghorn Limited Edition Watch

The Staghorn Limited Edition Watch is another Oris Aquis Dive Watch that is also limited to 2,000 watches. The watch features the colors blue and orange in its design. Blue represents the deep blue ocean. Orange is the color of staghorn coral and is one of the easiest colors to see in the deep ocean. The Staghorn Watch helps fund coral farming and restoration to the reef off of the Florida Keys through a partnership with the Coral Restoration Foundation.

We are located in the Florida Keys and have always been proud of the Coral Restoration Foundation's work. We are thrilled to be a part of this incredible collaboration between Oris and the Coral Restoration Foundation.


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