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Presage, The Long Awaited Seiko Brand Comes to The United States

Presage, The Long Awaited Seiko Brand Comes to The United States

Authored By William DePaula

Presage, Seiko Presage

That might be what you would hear if these watches could talk. Presage is a change in direction from Seiko's action-heavy Prospex line. Seiko Presage is an elegant automatic watch. It is the type of watch that you might find on the wrist of a gentlemen like James Bond.  No models of the watch line have been retailed in the USA, until now.

Independence Day

July is an important month for the history of the United States. The summer is hot and people are relaxing at the beach and having barbecues. This July, we have the added pleasure of having this HOT watch line coming to the United States.

What is Presage?

Presage is an all mechanical watch line that is based on 100 years of watch making skill. After practicing something that long, you know you have to be good at it. With Presage, Seiko goes back to the art of watchmaking. To Seiko, the beauty of the face, case and movement are more important than mass producing a watch. The design of this particular watch is inspired by the glamour of the cocktail bar.

Six New Presage Models for the USA

The introduction to Presage will start with six watches. These models are from the Presage basic line. The watches will feature two different movements, the Caliber 4R35 and the 4R38. The 4R35 is used in designs with a slim case and a focus on simplicity. The 4R38 is used for an open-heart design. The Seiko Presage models introduced here in the USA all have one common theme: they will all have sunray dials with a deep, pressed pattern. The dials are then finished with seven layers of gloss finish. The hands of the watch are delicately curved to fit the slim profile of the watch. The line features uniquely shaped crowns and distinctive gold plated rotors.

How can I get one?

In order to keep up with demand and the prestige of the watch line, the Presage will be limited and restricted. Authorized Seiko Dealers will not be allowed to sell them online through e-commerce. The six models available in the United States this July are the SRPB43, SRPB77, SSA359, SSA358, SRPB46 AND SRPB41. We will have all 6 models available in-store this July. We are authorized Seiko Dealers. If interested, please contact us.


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