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Seiko Dive Watch Prospex Transocean Black Chronograph SBEC001 Review

Seiko Dive Watch Prospex Transocean Black Chronograph SBEC001 Review

Authored By DePaula Jewelers

The Transocean Black Chronograph SBEC001 Seiko Prospex Dive watch

Here we will me taking a look at the SBEC001 other wise known as the Transocean Chronograph Black.  The Transocean and the Marine Master.  These watches are rare and have a rabid following.  We are an official Seiko USA Luxe MarineMaster dealer and cannot list the watches available online.  Each post will dive you into the deeper world of that Seiko Prospex watch.  Click here to purchase.

What is a Transocean?

Seiko Transocean Dive watches are a luxury dive watch made by Seiko.  This watch has special details including an 8R movement.  While Seiko watches are know for their affordable pricing, the Marine Master and Transocean series give you amazing features that are at a great value when you consider all the features of the watch.  The Marine Master and Transocean series is not for everyone, it is for people who either are very much into diving or people who love high quality and hard to find watches.

Let's Talk the Transocean SBEC001

The Transocean we are talking here is the SBEC001 which is a chronograph transocean.  The name Transocean describes the styling of the watch.  The watch is made in Japan and is generally not available in the United States.  We lucked out and where granted this amazing watch from Seiko USA.  The watch is built like a tank and is fully ISO tested.  Seiko does an amazing job of combining two sometimes very different perspectives, luxury and function.  The SBEC001 knows what it is, it is not a dress watch trying to be a dive watch or a dive watch trying to be a dress watch.  It is a dive watch with useful luxury dive features.  The Transocean black chronograph has simple but useful features.

The watch size of the SBEC001 Transocean

The SBEC001 is a large watch, no way around it, the case sits at 47mm, but feels smaller because of the lugs that curve in towards your wrist.  This is a large watch that fits small.  With the case shape and the crisp bezel, this watch yells, "I'm a professional dive watch."  The watch is a large 47mm with a 16mm thickness.  Seiko does help the watch fit your wrist better with the curve on the back of the watch that follows the shape of your wrist. The watch has a smaller feel on the wrist.  The watch looks much more impressive in real life than in photos.  I tried put together a video so you can truly appreciate the SBEC001 Seiko Prospex dive watch.  

Luxury Features

The Transocean chronograph is more expensive that your standard Seiko Prospex dive watch, why is this?  Features, my friend, features.  Lets's start off with the crystal.  Standard Seiko watches use a hardex crystal, the SBEC001 uses a sapphire crystal, which helps against scratches and is a far better watch crystal.  The bezel is made from a zirconium ceramic bezel that is laser engraved for the markers and numbers.  The steel isn't simply just stainless steel, it is stainless steel with dia-shield coating.  This is a dive watch so it was designed to take a hit.  The band sits a little higher than the bezel, protecting the bezel case and crystal.  The movement has a special system that helps it keep working, even if it has been banged up a little.

The Movement

The movement is the engine of the watch.  Movements are exactly what is under the hood for the watch.  A great movement makes a watch.  The SBEC001 has a 8R49 Seiko Movement.  The Seiko Calibre is 34 jewels and 28800 bph.  28800 bph is similar to what you might find on a luxury Swiss watch.  The watch has a reserve time of 45 hours.  

Back In Black: The SBEC001

The SBEC001 is an extremely hard to find watch.  A quick Google search will show you just how hard it is to find.  The watch was limited to luxury stores in Japan and only the Seiko Boutiques in the USA.  We have been lucky enough to have Seiko USA send us the SBEC001.The Transocean chronography dive watch, with all of its features is one outstanding watch.  From the zirconium ceramic bezel to the 8R49 movement this watch is backed with features.  The dial color is a deep black.  The lume is as vibrant and bright as ever for a Seiko dive watch.  The watch really stands out because of its size.  It will capture everyone's attention first by the size then the watch's unique design.  

We have the Marine Master SBEC001 in stock.  Click here to find out more information about the SBEC001.  Also if you are going by the Florida Keys sometime soon, stop by and check us out.  We have a lot of unique Seiko watches that you won't see at other dealerships.

Welcome to a new level of dive watch.  The SBEC001 is part of Seiko's Marine Master Transocean Series.  This watch is outfitted for the true watch and dive connoisseur.  These watches are highly sought after and hard to keep in stock.  Many of the Marine Master watches have a waiting list, luckily we have this one on hand right now.   This watch has an impressive 8R calibre movement with sapphire crystal.  

Automatic Seiko Professional Dive Watch

  • Hand winding capability
  • Power reserve: approx. 45 hours
  • 28,800 VPH
  • 34 jewels
  • Sapphire crystal with inside anti-reflective coating
  • Screwdown caseback and crown
  • LumiBrite hands and markers
  • Tri-fold push button release clasp with wetsuit extender
  • 47.0mm diameter
  • Water Resistance: Diver's Watch 200 meters (660 feet). Meets ISO standards and is suitable for scuba diving.
  • Caliber 8R49
  • Retail: $2,900 


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