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The Seiko Darth Tuna Marine Master Dive Watch SBDX013

The Seiko Darth Tuna Marine Master Dive Watch SBDX013

Authored By William DePaula

The SBDX013 - An Icon Wears Black

The Seiko Tuna is one of the most iconic wristwatches today.  The tuna style watch took over 7 years to design.  They started this long design process in 1968 when a saturation diver complained that his Seiko watch couldn't take the abuse.  Seiko had just gotten into the dive market three years before.  The original Seiko Tuna was released in 1975 by a design team lead my Ikuo Tokunaga.  That watch had a lot going for it, so much so that Seiko was awarded 20 patents.  Later, in 1978, Seiko developed the first saturation dive quartz watch, another Tuna, affectionately called the Golden Tuna.  The SBDX013 is in many ways a tribute to that iconic watch.

If it Isn't Broke, Why Change it?

The "Tuna Can" design which helps against the pressure that diving deep causes.  When the Seiko Tuna was designed they must have gotten something right.  The Seiko Tuna is an essential dive watch from the special casing to the first vent style dive band.  An design that helps the diver with the expanding and shrinking of rubber at different depths.  A band that is in use on almost all "rubber" silicone dive bands for Seiko.  The casing was so revolutionary and so perfect, that Seiko has seen no reason to have any major changes.  That is why the re-issue or inspired tuna the SBDX013 is more similar that different than the original Tunas.  While the look is the same, only the more modern materials and movement give you a truly modern feel.

Nearly a Grand Seiko

The SBDX013 is a mechanical or automatic watch.  A great movement would be an understatement when talking about the movement in the SBDX014 Emperor Tuna dive watch.  The movement is basically a dressed down less frilly version of a Grand Seiko 9S55.  This Seiko Tuna is part of the elite Seiko Dive collection called the Marine Master series.  The movement is the 8L35, with a power reserve up to 50 hours and a 28,800 bph.

The SBDX013

The Dark Emperor Tuna or the SBDX013 is a breathtaking watch.  It is cool for being so different.  It is a watch that doesn't try to be something for everyone.  No, it is what it is, and that is a professional dive watch.  I can easily picture this watch among other dive gear like regulators, tanks and gauges.  The case is built in a one piece casting, the "shroud" protects the watch from pressure and abuse from diving.  The shroud is made of a tough black ceramic.  This is not a watch you wear with a suit or tuxedo.  It is a watch for those who go on adventures.  It is a watch for someone who truly lives and wants their watch not to be some crappy digital screen that can't take any abuse.  No, instead they want a work of tradition and engineering, something that can take the abuse.  The SBDX013 is a professional dive watch and has a almost total black out design, including the buckle, loop, and bezel.  Only where it is needed do you find a color other than black.  The super visible Lumi Brite hands and markers are one such example.

The Dark Emperor Tuna SBDX013

First thing about the this Tuna Marine Master watch is that you have to realize it is a large watch.  Now with the lugs under the watches "shroud" it feels smaller, but it is still a solid 53mm watch case.  Also the watch is 17mm thick.  The watch has a superior 8L35 movement and a sapphire crystal.  The watch has a power reserve of 50 hours.  The watch has an amazing depth rating of 1000 meters

Driving system Automatic with manual winding mechanism
Caliber Number 8L35
Band material Silicon
Glass Sapphire crystal
Lumi Brite Hands and indexes
Drive duration Power reserve: 50 hours
Accuracy -10 to +15 seconds per day (when static)
Water resistance 1000m water resistance suitable for saturation diving
Magnetic reluctance Magnetic resistance
Size H53.5mm x W52.4mm x D17.2mm
The perimeter of bracelet 210mm
Weight 158g
Driving system
  • One-way bezel
  • Screw down crown
  • Jewels: 26 jewels
  • Stop second hand function



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