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The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Adventurer

The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Adventurer

Authored By Richard Perdomo

1. Treasure Coins

Treasure coins epitomize adventure. How much more adventurous can you get than wearing a coin that spent hundreds of years under water around your neck? You could be Bear Grylls. But you're not Bear Grylls. Unless your Bear Grylls, and in which case, you should ignore that and get a treasure coin. Each of our coins was recovered by our treasure diver Capt Carl "Fizz" Fismer, who has been in the industry for over 35 years, and has been featured on shows like Pawn Stars, and is a regular on the History Channel as an expert. 

2. Watches

Nothing says adventure like a good watch. Nothing says classy like a good watch. Nothing says quirky like a good watch. Notice a trend? Well that's because almost nothing, can make a statement like a good watch. A lot of people will even tell you that you can tell a person by the watch they wear. So if you like adventure and getting your hands dirty, go for a G-Shock! If you like adventure but want a watch with a little more class, Seiko's got your back. Or if you're tired of being on this planet, and much prefer a galaxy far, far away, Nixon has the droids (I mean watches) you're looking for. (We're not responsible for any spaceship sickness, family revelations, crazy adventures with a green guy, or super cool lightsaber fights that may occur)

3. Larimar

Larimar is as mysterious, as it is gorgeous. It only comes from one mine in the world right now, which is located in the Dominican Republic. It's gorgeous white lines and blue hues are almost a reflection of the sky and ocean, both of which are vast and promote the idea of adventure. The ocean is vastly unexplored, the skies are what humanity has dreamt of since we've started walking the earth. Feeling adventurous? Shop for larimar here!

4. Hook Jewelry

Our hook jewelry was actually born out of adventure. Through our travels, and over the years, we've gotten to hear so many interesting stories and traditions. This one touched our hearts in such a way that we decided to make hook jewelry ourselves! Years ago in poorer fishing villages, men looking to propose couldn't afford things like gold or silver rings. To remedy this, they made their own rings out of what they could. Being a poor fishing village, they had plenty of hooks! So they would bend the hook into the shape of an engagement ring to symbolize their union. It's an incredible story. So we started making our own, and soon enough they became our signature collection! For more Hook Jewelry click here!

5. Koa Jewelry

We love the islands of Hawaii, we love the culture, the history, the energy and life that the islands just seem to ooze. (although that might just be magma) We wanted to capture that essence of life and adventure, and our Koa collection has done just that. Koa, being a wood specific to the islands of Hawaii, represents that life perfectly. The wood is carefully inlaid into silver, and preserved. It's got this brilliance, and chatoyance (play of color) that rivals the most gorgeous of gemstones. To check out our Koa jewelry, click here!


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