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Why You Should Buy an Oris Watch.

Why You Should Buy an Oris Watch.

Authored By DePaula Jewelers

Why Oris?

There are a lot of watches out there, so why get an Oris?  Well, here is a rundown about this luxury watch brand. Oris started in Switzerland in 1904 They have been around for a while and know a thing or two about fine watches. Oris Watches have a distinctive red rotor that symbolizes the mechanical nature of the watch brand.

Mechanical Watches

Oris is one of only a handful of independent watch companies that only make mechanical watches.  Mechanical watches are a Swiss tradition and a thing of beauty. Oris only makes mechanical watches using traditional and modern techniques.

Over a Hundred Years of Experience

In an Oris watch, there is over a hundred years of experience.  Oris formed in 1904, at first making pocket watches. Oris crafts their products to endure. They make watches that are built to last and give you a lifetime of enjoyment.


Swiss Made

Some of the best watches in the world are Swiss Made. Swiss Made is not something a watch brand can simply label their product. There is a high standard to being Swiss Made. A watch, even if made in Switzerland, cannot say they are Swiss Made unless they go through tests to ensure the high quality of being Swiss Made.


Oris watches are classic in design and innovative in movement. The beautiful design of the watch is timeless and useful. They create useful functions that real people use when wearing an Oris watch.


Oris is an independent watch company. It is not part of a larger group of brands. They are watchmakers and care about the value and integrity of Oris watches. The watches are timeless and do not bend to the latest trends. 


It is hard to beat Oris when you start looking at all the features of the watch. They are Swiss Made and have a classic design. They are also high-tech watches with superior steel and crystals. It is hard to find a watch with so much at this good of a price point. They are what they say they are... Real Watches for Real People


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