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10 Amazing Shark Facts

10 Amazing Shark Facts

Authored By William DePaula

The Oris Limited Edition Hammerhead Dive Watch

Oris created a special hammerhead watch in order to help the plight of the shark.  Many scientist believe that the shark population will disappear in the next 40 years.  A portion of every sale will go towards researching sharks with specialized trackers.  These trackers will help scientists learn more about sharks and hopefully help them stick around.  In honor of the limited edition hammerhead watch we have 10 amazing shark facts!

10 Amazing Shark Facts

1.  Shark like animals have inhabited the earth for over 400 million years. That is even before the dinosaurs!

2.  Sharks are so good at what they do they A have evolved very little in the last 150 million years.

3.  A shark may use 20,000 teeth in it's lifetime!

4.  Some of the biggest species of sharks are actually gentle giants.  The basking sharks, megamouth shark and whale shark are some of the sharks that eat plankton.

5.  Two-thirds of a shark's brain is dedicated to the sense of smell.

6.  Sharks can only swim forward.

7.  Hammerheads are some of the most distinctive looking sharks.  Their unique head shape lets them see nearly 360° visual radius in a vertical spectrum.

8. Great White Sharks have the Ampullae of Lorenzini, a network of pores specialized in detecting electromagnetic waves in the ocean.  This helps them detect prey.

9.  It is estimated that 1,390 sharks die every ten minutes due to finning!  Finning is catching a shark and removing their fins.

10.  Sharks are the top predator in the food chain.  They are crucial in maintaining the delicate balance of the ocean's ecosystem. 





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