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Bonefish: The Gray Ghost

Bonefish: The Gray Ghost

Authored By William DePaula

The Gray Ghost

Legendary fisherman and writer Zane Grey is the one who nicknamed the bonefish, the gray ghost.  He knew all to well the legends of these mysterious fish of the flats.  The bonefish gets the name gray ghost because of the fishes behavior and movement.  They seem to appear suddenly out of nowhere and they vanish at the slightest noise.

The Bonefish

Bonefish are the more mysterious of the flats fish.  They are an exciting catch, but they don't jump like tarpon do.  Fishing for bonefish requires a unique talent, so fish guides who know how to fish bonefish are a treasure.  Bonefish often travel in schools and favor certain areas.  They are fish that are extremely skittish.  They dart away at the slightest movement.  They are even known to scare themselves.

When the Ghosts Don't Haunt

It seems that bonefish are not only skittish but they sometimes don't show up altogether.  The Florida Keys was a special place where you would be able to find many bonefish.  Unfortunately times have changed, while you can still catch bonefish and even have good days sometimes, the Keys aren't what they use to be.  No one really know what happened or why the bonefish aren't turning up like they use to.  Groups like the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust are helping to restore the population.


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