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When you look as cool as this, you deserve a cool watch.

When you look as cool as this, you deserve a cool watch.

The Stormtrooper. A symbol of the absolute chokehold the Empire had over the galaxy. The enforcers and extension of Emperor Palpatine's will. Their suits are extremely advanced, fitted with a wide array of survival equipment that allowed the wearer to survive in most environments. With all of this grandeur, power, intimidation, and technology, the Storm Trooper was a force to be reckoned with. Imagine being one. Graduating Cadet Academy, and being given a symbol of your dedication: a watch. It fits your uniform and battle suit. It makes you a true servant of the empire. You are now a Storm Trooper.

It's here. The long awaited Nixon Storm Trooper 51-30. Stylised after the utility belt worn by the branch of imperial service, it's definitely a great looking and iconic time-piece. The minute details and subtle heralds to the architecture of the Empire are quite stunning, the imperial symbol on the second counter, the notches and ridges emulating the details of the standard issue battle uniform, the meticulously detailed plasma blaster on the tide dial, the "Stun" and "Kill" settings on the tide dial (which is an extremely neat detail that really sets the watch apart) and even the textures created by the brand new ceramic coating really make this feel like an authentic timepiece from the Star Wars universe. 

The construction is solid, much like all of Nixon's steel cased watches, but this one does come with a new and more effective ceramic coating called "Cerakote" to reduce wear and tear which is a great touch, especially since it's made to look great even after it wears, (which every watch does after a while) and the functionality is simple. The twist out crown and tide control are nice and solid, and very easy to use, and very reassuring whenever you screw them back in. 

It's a normal 51-30 for all intents and purposes. Which is okay, Because it's a 51-30 that looks as if Nixon was a company that existed a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away. This is a great watch. It looks great, it's simple, and it's Star Wars. 


Just make sure you always have your watch set to "Stun". 

The Nixon Star Wars 51-30 Storm Trooper Edition Watch is available now! Click here!


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