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New Seiko PADI Dive Watch SNE435 Harnesses the Power of the SUN

New Seiko PADI Dive Watch SNE435 Harnesses the Power of the SUN

Authored By William DePaula

Seiko PADI Dive Watches

The Seiko PADI series was first announced to the public at Basel world 2016.  At that launch you had two PADI Seiko Dive Watches the Kinetic SUN065 and the ever popular SRPA21.  Seiko has now added another watch to the PADI line-up, the SNE435.

Imagine Using the Power of the Sun

The sun is an enormous power source at the center of our solar system, why not use some of that energy to power our watches?  What better way to go green than with solar quartz movement?  How does this work?  Magic.  Well no seriously, the face of the watch acts as a photo cell and charges up a capacitor that acts as the battery and runs the solar quartz movement.

The First PADI Solar Dive Model SNE435

The SNE435 takes the popular PADI series and adds the twist of being a solar watch.  Previous models have been automatic and kinetic.  The benefit of a solar models is that is acts more as a traditional quartz or battery watch, where you don't have to worry about setting the watch if you didn't wear it for a few days.  The other benefit of the solar quartz movement is the lower price.  The retail price for the SNE435 is only $395.  This is a great price for a quality Seiko Dive watch.

sne435 face solar cell

Seiko SNE435 Overview

This Seiko PADI is a really nice watch for the price.  The watch feels like the perfect size, not too big and not to small.  The PADI blue is nice and brilliant.  The stainless steel case and bracelet are simple, classic and just overall appealing.  Many people may not be a fan of this PADI simply because they only like mechanical watches, but for a nice everyday watch it is a hard watch to beat.  It looks great at work or at play. 



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