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The New PADI Seiko Dive Monster Tuna Watch SRPA83

The New PADI Seiko Dive Monster Tuna Watch SRPA83

Authored By William DePaula

The Seiko SRPA83 PADI Dive

Yes, it is a great time to be a lover of Seiko Dive watches.  After what seems to be years of the old tried and true dive models, the last 3 years of Seiko dive watches have been great.  Seiko early last year re-launched the turtle series with a nice affordable movement, the 4R36.  The 4R36 is nice because it can be charged with a hack motion or by winding it.  To have this movement and in a classic turtle package, it is no wonder the Seiko Turtle has been so popular.

Seiko PADI Dive Watches

Let's talk about the PADI series.  So after the launch of the turtle, we later at Basel world find out about Seiko's partnership with the world's largest dive organization, PADI.  The beautiful blues showed us that a dive watch could be so much more. 

New PADI Dive Watches

Now let's talk about the new kids on the block.  It is 2017 and the new year is well, still new and Seiko has decided to surprise us.   Not with another color variation of the turtle watch, I'm looking at you SRP773 and SRP779.  No, they decided to give us what we want.  More varieties of the PADI dive watches.  So the first one is a real surprise.  It is not an automatic or a kinetic dive watch, it is a solar dive watch.  I won't go into too much detail here, we will discuss that watch on another blog post.  The model number is SNE435.   


Tuna Anyone?

So, here we see the PADI dive watch in another classic dive case, the monster tuna.  Yes my friends Seiko has made a baby tuna PADI dive watch and the model number for this guy is the SRPA83.  The SRPA83 watch head is made of stainless steel and ceramic.  The tuna styling really reminds me of the 50th dive anniversary watch that came out a few years ago and it is similar to the a lot more expensive Marine Master Series.  The watch might appear big, but it actually fits quite comfortably on the wrist. 

srpa83 back view

Automatic Movement

When I first saw this watch I thought it would be a kinetic movement, much like the SUN065.  I enjoy the kinetic movements because I don't have to wear them everyday.  It is nice to change your watch without having to worry about resetting the time.  But the watch is not a kinetic movement, it is an automatic movement.  What Seiko automatic movement might that be you might ask yourself, our good friend the 4R36.

SRPA83 A Dive Watch and Proud Of It

Check out the profile.  Because of this nice curved case it actually fits pretty comfortably on your wrist.  The case is also pretty low profile for such a large watch.  This watch is perfectly comfortable in it's own skin.  The SRPA83 PADI dive watch is a dive watch and it makes no apologies.  It tells everyone, hey I'm a dive watch and look how professional I look.  Jacques Cousteau would be jealous. 

sppa83 profile view

In Stock Now

We have this handsome watch in stock now.  Check out our unboxing of this watch on YouTube.  We have been an authorized Seiko Dealer for over 25 years so you can rest assured, we are the place to get them from.  You can buy the watch here


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