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Seiko Launches PADI Dive Watch to Honor Partnership with Project AWARE

Seiko Launches PADI Dive Watch to Honor Partnership with Project AWARE

Authored By Carolyn DePaula

With more than 100,000 of marine life succumbing to environmental stressors, plastics, and pollution yearly, it's of utmost importance we as earthlings have an organization such as PADI's Project AWARE to aid in clean up the mess. Project AWARE consists of divers around the world cleaning up the oceans, one dive at a time. World-famous watch company Seiko wants to help.

To support this partnership, Seiko has launched a new PADI dive watch within its Prospex line. With its signature red and blue PADI colors on the case and PADI logo on its dial, this watch celebrates and honors the legacy of PADI's commitment to our oceans and its divers worldwide. 

PADI was dreamed up over a bottle of Scotch back in 1966, when John Cronin and Ralph Erickson first saw the need for a Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Since then, PADI has expertly instructed thousands of divers to safely breathe under water. 

After seeing how marine life was being threatened or polluted, in the late 1980s, John Cronin thought of Project AWARE, where he felt much of the responsibility of helping clean the environment should be on divers.

Here at DePaula's, it's our privilege to carry the Seiko Prospex PADI watch and help support Project AWARE in its inexhaustible and continual effort to clean up our oceans.


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