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Seiko Prospex Spring Drive Transocean GMT Titanium Dive Watch SBDB017

Seiko Prospex Spring Drive Transocean GMT Titanium Dive Watch SBDB017

Authored By William DePaula

The Spring Drive TransOcean

Drive, Spring Drive

The most interesting part about this watch is the powerhouse movement that this transocean has inside.  It has the fabled Seiko Spring Drive movement.  The movement that is a unique movement to itself.  It is the movement that powers the luxury watches, Grand Seiko.  So, you have a dive watch with this amazing movement.  You are getting an amazing watch movement for a fraction of the cost of a Grand Seiko.  The Spring Drive movement causes a second hand glides across the dial.  It is both hypnotic and beautiful.  

What is so Special about the Spring Drive?

The Spring Drive idea came to a Seiko engineer in the 1970s.  It took over 20 years of testing to create the spring drive movement.  It is not a mechanical watch and it is not a quartz watch, it is it's own unique concept.  The Spring Drive uses a Tri-synchro regulator instead of an escapement system like mechanical watches.  The Spring Drive uses mechanical, electrical and magnetic energy to work.  The brilliance of the Spring Drive system is something that needs it's own blog post to discuss.

The Transocean

The TransOcean is a relatively new style of hybrid watch for Seiko.  The series is only a few years old, but it has a dramatic look to it.  The transocean series is a mid-level Seiko product.  Much more expensive that your standard Seiko, but no were near the price of Grand Seiko.  It is really a treat to have the spring drive in this watch.

Titanium, the Cherry on Top

The first thing you notice when you see this watch is that amazing gliding second hand.  The thing you notice when you pick up this watch is that it is extremely light.  The watch might be a larger sized watch, around 45mm, but it is extremely light.  That is because the watch band and case is made up of titanium.  Beyond that you will find other delicious features from the Transocean series, the dia-shield coating and the zirconium ceramic bezel.  

We currently do not have the Marine Master SBDB017 in stock.

A New Level of Dive Watch

Welcome to a new level of dive watch.  The SBDB017 is part of Seiko's Marine Master Series.  This watch is outfitted for the true watch and dive connoisseur.  These watches are highly sought after and hard to keep in stock.  Many of the Marine Master watches have a waiting list, luckily we have this one on hand right now.   This watch has an impressive Spring Drive movement with sapphire crystal.  

Case / bezel material A pure titanium case (some ceramics) back lid: Pure titanium (Black Zirconia Ceramic Bezel)
Band materials Titanium
Glass material Sapphire glass (internal irreflection coating)
Waterproofing performance  200m diving
Magnetic ability-resistant Yes
Size 45mm in width X thickness 15.4mm
146 g in weight
Drive method Spring drive
Movement specifications No. 5R66
Precision Mean moon difference ±15 second (day difference ±1 second equivalency)
Function There is Lumi blight (needle, index)
Backlashing prevention bezel
Screw lock-type 
Screw back
Double lock
24 hour hand (dual thyme indication function)
Power reservation indication function
Calendar interlocking movement difference in time correction mechanism
Second hand stop function



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