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The iWatch Versus Traditional Watch

The iWatch Versus Traditional Watch

Authored By William DePaula

It isn't a Small iPhone.

An iWatch does a lot of features similar to an iPhone, but it really wasn't designed to be used as an iPhone.  I, like many people, thought of the iWatch as a small version of an iPhone.  It is not.  It does many of the same things, but it is honestly impractically to use as an iPhone because of the small screen.  As many people who have one will tell you, they don't use it as an iPhone.  It is use more as a watch that sends you updates and texts.  

If it is Used Like a Watch, Why Not Just Get a Watch?

This is an interesting question that no one seems to be asking.  Everyone says the iWatch isn't a small iPhone it is more like a watch, so why not just get a watch.  Then you start to hear about the alerts, texts and fitness trackers.  If you look at all this, it is really still used as a watch.  So, when cellphones came out people started to say they didn't need a watch.  Their phone can tell the time.  This lead to less people wearing watches.  Now people have gotten use to not wearing a watch, Apple decided to make a watch.  Then people started to realize how convenient wearing a watch was.  "Hey, I can look at the time without taking out my phone".  Exactly.

Let's Face It, The iWatch is Ugly.

Whenever I see someone wearing an iWatch, I cringe.  The watch if you want to call it that, looks like a tiny television that fits on your wrist.  It has simply no style, it is as if they shrunk the iPhone and added an ugly strap.  Apple has made a lot of beautiful products, just think of how they redesigned the look of a desktop computer.  The iWatch feels like Apple just gave up on design.

The Popularity of the iWatch

The popularity of the iWatch has grown tremendously since the launch.  They are now one of the biggest watchmakers on earth now.  So now we are a sea of people wearing baby tablets on our wrist to tell time.  Why fight it?  Orwell told us it would be this way.  

The Traditional Watch

Watches are used to tell time.  Some of the traditional watches have a few more functions, but they are basically used for telling time.  They come in all kinds of different styles.  You can go dressy or sporty.  Take your pick.  Each has a style you can or can't relate to.  The traditional watch, now that people have found out, are useful for telling time.  They celebrate your personality and fine watches showcase skill in just what man can make.  The best part is that a fine watch won't go the way of a paperweight once Apple decides to stop making OS updates for your version.



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