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Nixon's Special Ops Built Regulus Watch

Nixon's Special Ops Built Regulus Watch

Authored By Carolyn DePaula

The Nixon Regulus

We really don't cover digital watches too much here on the website, but we had to make the exception for the Regulus watch.  The Regulus isn't just a watch, it is a way of life.  Nixon has taken the digital watch market and found something new with the Regulus.

Special Ops

Nixon didn't bother just making a unique digital watch, they consulted with some of the nation's finest military personal.  They designed the watch together, taking into account what they needed and taking away what they didn't need.  The Regulus watch was then tested for functionality and endurance.  Many times watch companies make watches just to look cool or to satisfy this market or that collector.  The Regulus is designed to be abused and used.  This is why the Regulus is our new favorite digital watch.


When I first heard about the Regulus, I thought to myself that Nixon was just trying to find a way to compete with the leader in digital watches, Casio and more importantly, G-Shock.  G-Shock is massive when you consider that it is worn by both rappers and fireman, celebrities and blue collar workers.  Nixon really could never compete with that.


Nixon designed a watch that most importantly would be used and effective.  G-Shock watches are complicated and have a lot going on.  They have many dials and many different functions.  Instead Nixon took the regulus and went the other way.  They made a watch with only mission useful function.  This created a digital watch that was streamlined and easy to use.

The Watch DNA

The Regulus watch is built with a custom LCD module and a true 100 meters water resistance.  The case is fiber-enforced to withstand the harshest conditions. The watch has a dual chronograph to keep track of timing two different things at once.  The oversized LCD fills most of the Regulus's 46mm size.  The screen can light up just as much as you need, with three different lighting options.  The watch also has a silent mode so you can shut off all of those annoying beeps that most digital watches give off.  


The Feel and Fit of the Regulus

As I wrote earlier, I was skeptical when I heard that Nixon was coming out with a new digital watch.  Once I started taking a look at the watch, I was very impressed.  The watch is functional and easy to use.  The watch is on the larger size, but it is extremely light so you often don't even remember you are wearing a watch.  The Regulus is not a G-Shock and you should really never compare them. The Regulus is designed more for people who want simplicity and functionality.  Nixon's Regulus is meant for those with a military background, tactical training or those who appreciate it.  


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