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Top 10 Nautical DePaula Pendants Part 1

Authored By Richard Perdomo

Top 10 Nautical Depaula Pendants

Our Family's unique style speaks for all of the beauty the Carribbean has to offer. Here are just some of our favorite pieces, made right here by us!

10. Ruby Eye Double Dolphin Diamond Pendant in 14k Yellow Gold


These two dolphins capture the mischievous and whimsical nature of the Tropics. With .33 carat of handset Diamonds, and deep, crimson Rubies handset into the eyes of each dolphin, this is a truly luxurious piece of the Tropical islands we call home.

9. Shrimp with Conch Pearl 14k Pendant 

Shrimp are one of the most important parts of any fishing community. It's used as bait and food they symbolize prosperity among fishing communities. Paired with a rare conch pearl, made by a Queen Conch (a signature resident of the tropics) this pendant is an ode to the islands of the Florida Keys, and a hope that they remain prosperous. This is a unique piece, as every conch pearl is totally different!

7. 8 Reales Concepcion Shipwreck Circa 1641 Mexico City Coin Pendant with 14k Bezel

This coin is a true piece of nautical history. The Concepcion, which was a Spanish Treasure Galleon, met its fate when it sank due to weather in 1641. Years later in the 1980s Burt Webber along with our treasure diver, Carl Fismer and a team of divers began recovering coins from the wreck. Now most are in museums but we have an exclusive collection of some of the finest coins from the Concepcion available in a custom wrap that preserves the coin.

6. Summerland Pendant with .55 ct tw Diamond in 14k White Gold

Our signature Hook Pendant in one of it's many iterations. This one boasts a gorgeous handset diamond, picked by our resident Gemologist, who strives for absolute quality in our gemstone selection.

5. 14k Gold Great White Shark Pendant

A quintessential piece for the fisherman or lover of the sea! What images come to mind when you think of a Great White? Power! Grace! Longevity! This is a symbol for those who exhibit such qualities.



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