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Top 10 Nautical Depaula Pendants Part 2

Authored By Richard Perdomo

Top 10 Nautical Depaula Pendants Part 2

Our Family's unique style speaks for all of the beauty the Carribbean has to offer. Here are just some of our favorite pieces, made right here by us!

5. Manatee Mother and Child Diamond Pendant in 14k Yellow Gold

This pendant is a symbol of the bond a mother and child have. It's a bond that permeates almost all mammals, and is a special gift of the universe. We wanted to capture that feeling and what better example in the nautical world than the Manatee. 

4. 14k Gold Large Jumping Curved Sailfish Pendant

The Sailfish is a gamefish that merits legend; it being the fastest fish in the world, and a beast that will put up a fight you'll remember vividly for years is nothing to shrug about. This pendant symbolizes that legend, and the wearer's will to overcome difficulty.

3. Double Dolphin Amethyst Pendant in 14k Yellow Gold

Legend says that Amethyst will keep you from drunkenness. We think this is true, because if you buy enough Amethyst you won't have any money for alcohol! 

2. Medium Diamond Seahorse Pendant in 14k Yellow Gold

The Seahorse is a creature that borders mythology, it's unique appearance giving it a scientific name based off of a Greek Myth: The Hippocampus. In addition to it's mythological nomenclature, they are a symbol of longevity, and fidelity.

1. Motion Fishing Reel Pendant in 14k Yellow Gold

One of our most popular pieces, a fully functioning fishing reel pendant made from 14k gold! The penultimate pendant for the avid fisherman. It symbolizes power,  durability, and success as a fisherman of the deep sea. 


So there ya have it! Some of our favorite Depaula Pendants, made right here! 


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