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What to Get the Guy Who Has Everything.

Authored By William DePaula

Guy's are Hard to Shop For.

This might be a given if you have ever tried to buy something for that special guy in your life.  But, it sure is the truth.  Many guys aren't really giving when it comes to what they want for Christmas.  It is not that they are trying to be a pain, I just surely think it is a matter of they can't think of anything cool.  The other reason is that perhaps they want something crazy like a new car or motorcycle.  Yeah, those can get a little pricy.  Don't worry I'm here to tell you about something on the cool side.

Something Badass

There is a special smile that goes over a man's face when they see something truly cool.  This is what you want and I'm here to tell you about something that isn't really well known, but it is a great gift.  Your average person doesn't really know about treasure coins.  Treasure coins are coins you read about in pirate lore, television shows, literature and movies.  Now most people once they hear about this, they think they are made up by Hollywood.  No they aren't, and yes they are hundreds of years old.  

The Adventure

I don't care who you are, but everyone loves it when you have people comment about how cool something is.  Treasure coins are are coins from the Spanish Main, these are the coins that pirates and privateers wanted.  They are gold and silver, real life treasure.  The coins are around 300 to 400 years old.  How do you get these coins?  Coins are found by real life adventurers and treasure diver's like Carl Fismer and Brad Williams.  Carl and Brad and their crew are some of the people who's job it is to find these cool coins.  The coins can be found on land or from shipwrecks.

Forging a Work of Art

We then take the treasure coins and carefully make a handmade bezel in gold or silver to go around the coin.  This is designed to hold the coin so you can wear it as a pendant.  The process to create the bezel takes around two weeks. 

The Gift

Yes, it is hard to shop for guys.  The treasure coins show adventure and what life was like during a bygone era.  Each coin comes with a unique certificate that describes about the treasure coin.  Treasure coin are all great when you are looking at the prices. The treasure coins we have in stock have a wide range they go from $400-$10,000



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