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Opalescent Island Dreams

Authored By Carolyn DePaula

"There are worlds in an opal." Terry Guillemets

The oceans are filled with beauty - swirling shades of blue, blue-green, emerald green, purple, red, yellow, and orange in the expanse of water itself and in its flora and fauna.

The scales of the mahi mahi, the sailfish and the tarpon shining brilliantly as they breach the waves.

Here at DePaulas we are enchanted with the wonder of the oceans as well. Master Jeweler Joseph DePaula was inspired to create a line of jewelry featuring the opal, a gemstone which reflects much of the depth and essence of the seas.

Each piece is lovingly handcrafted so as to have you reminiscing about your memorable encounter with the ocean. Long after you return from your trip, you can carry a piece of the ocean with you. 

Just as each part of the ocean is unique depending on the location and time of day and sea creature around, each opal has a nature all its own.

It's a reflection of a beauty of the islands in its depth of color, encompassing a memorable moment admiring the ocean, a flower, a palm tree.

Take the islands with you - you can find a white opal of the DePaula original opal creations here.


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