The DePaula Collection


The Jewelry in this collection is handcrafted by local artisan and jeweler, Joseph DePaula. He has spent over 40 years working with precious stones and metals to create beautiful custom pieces.

Each work of art created by Master Jeweler Joseph DePaula is a statement to time-honored jewelry craftsmanship which began thousands of years ago.  While much of the jewelry crafting process may have changed over the years, the foundations have stayed the same.  The intense flame, the pounding of the metal, the dedication to the craft is the art of the Master Jeweler.  

Mr. DePaula is known for his elaborate diamond rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets, as well as his nautical pieces. He also specializes in opals, tanzanites, emeralds, and other soft gemstones. This work can be challenging due to the fragile nature of a soft stone's composition, but this work can also show his masterful technique and artistic eye for complimenting such precious gemstones with gorgeous metalwork.

You can find many of his pieces here, or you can check out these particular lines he has designed and crafted:

    The DePaula Collection: Fish Hook Jewelry
    The DePaula Collection: Treasure Coin Jewelry

Mr. DePaula is also available to create custom jewelry for you. Send us an email to begin this process. 

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