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A Review of the Seiko Transocean Marine Master Dive Watch SBEC003

A Review of the Seiko Transocean Marine Master Dive Watch SBEC003

Authored By William DePaula

What is a Marine Master?

Marine Master watches are on the high end for Seiko Dive watches.  While Seiko watches are know for their affordable pricing, the Marine Master series give you amazing features that are at a great value when you consider all the features of the watch.  The Marine Master series is not for everyone, it is for people who either are very much into diving or people who love high quality watches.

Let's Talk the Transocean SBEC003

The Transocean we are talking here is the SBEC003 which is a chronograph transocean.  The watch is built like a tank and is fully ISO tested.  Seiko does an amazing job of combining two sometimes very different perspectives, luxury and function.  The SBEC003 knows what it is, it is not a dress watch trying to be a dive watch or a dive watch trying to be a dress watch.  It is a dive watch with useful luxury dive features.  

The watch size of the Transocean

The SBEC003 is a large watch, no way around it.  The other Transocean watches that are not chronographs are much smaller.  No, this is a large in your face watch.  With the case shape and the crisp bezel, this watch yells, "I'm a professional dive watch."  The watch is a large 47mm with a 16mm thickness.  Seiko does help the watch fit your wrist better with the curve on the back of the watch that follows the shape of your wrist.

Luxury Features

The Transocean chronograph is about 5 times more expensive that your standard Seiko Prospex dive watch, why is this?  Features, my friend, features.  Lets's start off with the crystal.  Most Seiko watches use a hardex crystal, the SBEC003 uses a sapphire crystal, which helps against scratches and is a far more expensive crystal.  The bezel is made from a zirconium ceramic bezel that is laser engraved for the markers and numbers.  The steel isn't simply just stainless steel, it is stainless steel with diasheild coating.  Finally, since this is a dive watch and they often get a few hits and beaten up, the movement has what comes down to a shock resistant system.

The Movement

The movement is the engine of the watch.  Movements are exactly what is under the hood for the watch.  A great movement makes a watch.  The SBEC003 has a 8R49 Seiko Movement.  The Seiko Calibre is 34 jewels and 28800 bph.  The watch has a reserve time of 45 hours.  

A Worthy Dive Watch

The Transocean chronography dive watch, with all of its features is one outstanding watch.  From the zirconium ceramic bezel to the 8R49 movement this watch is backed with features.  The dial color is a beautiful blue to black sunburst that is hard not to stare at.  The lume is as vibrant and bright as ever for a Seiko dive watch.  My only issue with the watch is the size, it is a large watch, even with the Seiko contoured case.  On the other hand the watch really stands out because of its size.  It will capture everyone's attention first by the size of the watch then with the mesmerizing face.  



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