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Holiday Gift Ideas: Kovel, Inspired by Nature and Sea

Authored By Carolyn DePaula

Here at DePaulas, we bring you the highest quality of nautical jewelry found anywhere. As it's getting close to the holidays, take a look at one of our most beautiful collections: Kovel.

Dr. William Kovel, a former tuna fishermen, artist, and cosmetic dentist, has pulled from all his life experiences to create stunning pieces which reflect the nature and his beloved sea.

From intricate seahorses to delicately sculpted sand dollars and starfish, Kovel infuses each of his jewelry pieces with care. 


Peace in Coral is an example of using gemstones and plating silver with rhodium with gold accents to create a stunning piece which is a reflection of the fragile coral under the sea.

The Kovel collection also includes the use of inlaid opal, amber, and mother-of-pearl to craft detailed pieces which come to life, such as a palm tree, dolphin, or turtle. The iridescent quality of opal is a perfect match to the rainbow-colored brilliance of a marlin or mahi mahi fish in the sun.

Delicate pearls surrounded by a coral reef scene, an alluring silver mermaid pendant, and jellyfish dangling happily as earrings, the Kovel collection encompasses a wide range of styles and is bound to have something just right for the special person on your holiday gift list.



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