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The World's Ugliest Watch? Let Me introduce you to the Seiko Tressia SUP332

The World's Ugliest Watch? Let Me introduce you to the Seiko Tressia SUP332

Authored By William DePaula

Analog Watches Generally Look the Same

An argument can me made, saying that most watches look similar.  They have a face and hands.  A watch might have adifferent case, round or square, but generally the same.  So it is hard to find a watch that looks so off, that you have to say it is ugly.

The Seiko Re-birth

Seiko has really started to make some handsome watches as of late.  Maybe that is why the SUP332 is such a surprise.  The watches for the most part have looked sharp or well, more of the same.  The only thing is that Seiko can't seem to get ladies watches right during this rebirth.

The Ugliest Watch in the World?

The Seiko Ladies Watch the SUP332 just might be the ugliest watch in the world.  Here is an example of a designer trying to create something very clever but screwing everything up in the process.  Since this is a ladies watch someone must have thought, let's make the design similar to a bangle bracelet.  Then that wasn't good enough, let's add a weird ribbon detail around the face of the watch.  Hey but let's go further, why not add diamonds?  Diamonds make everything better.  Hey and let's advertise the watch has 26 diamonds.  That will make people buy! 

Why is the SUP332 Seiko Tressia Ugly?

The watch has problems, the design screams for it to be a smooth transition from band to head.  That way you will have a jewelry watch look.  Unfortunately the watch head is much larger than the band so it has an abrupt bump in the design.  I'm guessing that is why they decided to add the ribbon detail to hide how a simple watch could go terrible wrong.

So, Why Write About This Watch?

I've been thinking that to myself, why write about this?  This watch is such an ugly design it had to written about.  I would have probably ignored the watch, but it will be a nationally advertised model.  Boy I feel sorry for whoever's face gets put next to this watch.  I hope it's not you Misty, we love you.  As a nationally advertised model, we as an authorized Seiko Dealer, have to carry this watch.  So that is how it got brought to my attention.  The watch is not ugly in the way you would want to turn around and run away.  No, it is more of an oddity.  It is ugly enough to wear ironically.  Kind of like an ugly sweater.  Is the SUP332 ladies Seiko Tressia watch the ugliest watch in the world?  No, but I'm sure it is the ugliest watch of 2016.  
Don't worry we have the ugly watch available right here on our website.
Help Seiko design better women's watches, contact them at  Voice your opinion, remember, you are the change.


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