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The Seiko Jimmie Johnson Solar Chronograph Review

The Seiko Jimmie Johnson Solar Chronograph Review

Authored By Richard Perdomo

NASCAR is a true american sport. It got it's start from Bootleggers suping up normal looking vehicles, Originally to evade the G Men during the prohibition era, as time went on these bootleggers started to race their creations as a pastime. Eventually, this became the world of NASCAR. A simple idea, the track is a banked oval, and each car is limited to a specific output, each racer being judged on their placement within the race. Pretty simple, and easy, huh? Drive really fast in a circle, anyone can do that. 

Nope. Seiko Ambassador Jimmie Johnson proves this time and time again on the track. You've got almost no brakes, extremely slippy tires, you're keeping your car at a constant 200 mph, and your pit crew has to be just as skilled at their job as you are a driver. So many elements are in place that make this sport extremely dangerous, throughout your race you're battling for space, and battling your car in conditions that Gary Busey himself would declare "Insane".

Of course this raises the entertainment value exponentially, crashes are a sure thing in almost every race, and these cars tend to be violently loud, yet Jimmie takes home 1st place quite a lot, which definitely speaks for his skill and ambition as a NASCAR driver, and Seiko have captured his essence in his signature watch perfectly. The colors of his car adorn the watch in a very tasteful fashion, and the complications on the face are meant to record lap times, which can be very useful on the track, or just about anywhere really. Seiko even added a second rubber strap (with a texture similar to the slippy NASCAR tires) if everything else doesn't cut it for you. 

We really like this watch. Seiko is a company dedicated to precision, timing, skill and quality, and it only makes sense that they're partnering up with Jimmie, a man who prides himself on his precision, timing, skill, and quality. 

If you'd like to grab a Jimmie Johnson Solar Chrono for your very own, or for someone else, they're available here:


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